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I urge you to join me in the greatest journey of your life. The journey to your inner self, through the doorway of the crystal.
It needs to be pointed out that all of the techniques used throughout the book have been thoroughly tested by repeated clinical trials and experimental verification that is acceptable to many working in the field of crystal healing. The main problem in providing hard core scientific data that would be acceptable to scientists at large is that the sensitive equipment necessary to measure these energy changes is not available today. Although Crystal Healer lists many ailments of which these techniques may accelerate the healing. Please remember that he is not claiming crystals are the panacea that will heal all diseases. Crystal healing is about rebalancing and reenergizing, so if the system is capable of healing, or it is the time to be healed, the healing process will more readily take place.
A few basic principles about the case and use of crystals
Clearing is the process of changing negative emotions to positive emotions. Anyone who holds a crystal and is having bad feelings, negative emotions, may imprint those emotions into the stone. The most effective method for clearing a crystal is to hold or touch it with your hand. Repeat the Light Invocation three times.
"I invoke the Light of the God within. I am a clear and perfect channel. Light is my guide."
By the time you have completed the third repetition, the negative emotion will be gone. Test this for yourself, and ask a friend to help you. Measure his or her energy field using a dowsing rod, (see Section-Research Methods- Tools Used in Research) and write down your results. Hand your friend a crystal and measure the energy field. Write down your results. Hold the crystal to your forehead and recall a time you felt angry. Hand the crystal back to your friend, and measure the energy field again. Have your friend say the Light Invocation three times out loud, and once more, measure the energy field. Negative emotions cause a reduction in human energy fields. If the negative emotion charged crystal causes a reduction in the measurable field, you know the crystal is holding or storing negative emotions. If the energy measurement increases after the Light Invocation beyond the original measurement, two things are possible. First, the Light Invocation does, indeed, clear out negative emotions. Second, the Light Invocation also increases the overall energy field.
Cleansing is a process of reducing the negative emotional energy level of the crystal to the point where the emotional energy can no longer affect you. Salt is the recommended method. Bury the stone in either dry salt or submerged in a saline solution of 1/2-cup sea salt to one gallon of water for at least one day. Cleansing is usually not necessary or even desirable if clearing can be done. The Light Invocation will leave all the energy in the stone. It simply changes those emotions from imbalanced to balanced, from bad to good.
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