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The Astral Body and Solar Plexus or Manipura Chakra

The Astral Body
manipura Chakra
The moment you are inside the second body you will be outside the third, the astral. As far as the astralis concerned, there is no need even of any will. Just the wish to be inside is enough. There is no question of totality now. If you want to go in, you can go in.
The astral body is a vapour like the second body, but it is transparent. So the moment you are outside, you will be inside. You will not even know whether you are inside or outside because the boundary is transparent.
The astral body is the same size as the first two bodies. Up to the fifth body, the size is the same. The content will change, but the size will be the same up to the fifth. With the sixth body the size will be cosmic. And with the seventh, there will be no size at all, not even the cosmic.
The Solar Plexus or Manipura Chakra
This chakra is radiating a blue-violet light, and also a golden light. When the solar plexus is pure, then one is at peace with others, then one lives a life without conflicts, where all relations are positive, and all conflicts are stopped and transformed into exiting confrontations, where one is learning instead of fighting.
When e.g. two people are quarreling, then the blue-violet light from the solar plexus chakra is turning dark, and the way that the lights from the two chakras are mixed is characterized by negativity. Different figures can be seen here, e.g. it is common to see small blue-violet ogres over people who are quarreling. The darker the blue-violet ligth is, the more hate is there between the two, and when it turns dark enough, it turns into black, and a blockage may arise in the solar plexus centre in one or both of them. I will point out the difference between a quarrel and a confrontation, for also within this area some rather confusing conceptions has slipped in, which have had some quite important consequences for the people here on Earth. To quarrel means to make war, which means that one attacks, feels ill-treat, complains, attack again etc.. But a conflict may also result in a confrontation, where you do not quarrel, but where each of the parties from their own point of view explains what they feel about the actual conflict or disagreement, what they mean about the situation, but without attacking the other part. In different kinds of therapy confrontations in a cultivated form are being used, and I can mention, that here the talk is about "I" and "you" messages. I-messages are those that are used in a pure confrontation, whild you-messages are used in quarrelings, in verbal wars. If one restricts oneself to point out where one stands oneself, humbly and prepared to solve the conflict, then one has expressed ones love, and the whole thing can be lead into a direction where the parties come to an agreement, because they both are willing to solve the conflict without attacking one another.
Over the years things has got mixed up, actually in a completely similar way as they have within the sexual area, and any kind of confrontation has been taboo, which has been very detrimental to one and all. If you have a conflict with another person, then you do not solve it by simply denying it. I must be worked through in a confrontation, where first of all the energies from the solar plexus centre are activated, and first then the problem is repealed and solved. Unsolved problems in our relations to other people manifests as muscle tensions, or as blockages in many different areas, this is quite an individual matter. Within many kinds of group-therapy, e.g. within the different branches of [gestalt?] therapy, there is emphasis on finishing events between people in a correct way.
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